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The Rope Access is the acting segment of FUJITEC that has the highest level professionals, providing services for assembly and maintenance of quality and safety. Our employees are certified by the International Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) to perform work in industrial areas, using string access techniques.

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Rope Access Works

Exchange the Flare of PCE-1;
Repair in the Prime Flare of PPG-1 Platform;
Inspection, equipment maintenance in Pampo;
Eletrical maintenance and instrumentation on the P-37 Platform;
Service of corrective and preventive maintenance in the instrumentation, electrical,mechanical and handling disciplines, using techniques of industrial mountaineering,on P-37 Platform.


Our system thermal insulation coating and follow the standards and norms of PETROBRAS N-894, EB591, EB592, NBR8994 e N-1518B.

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Relocation of the Operational Control Center of CFTV da Petrobras Imbetiba;
Adequacy of the optical network automation on the P-37 Platform;
Identification of the Intercom System Documentation Project and the Telephone Network P-08 Platform;
Project of installation and adjustment of the Automation Optical Network across the P-37 platform, with a total of 26 km of optical fiber installed;
System Project of CCTV PVM-1/2/3 Platform;
System Project of CCTV PGP-1 Platform;
Project of CCTV on Carapeba’s platforms;
Assembly of the Optical Fiber System in the gas measuring stations of many petroleum platforms;
Installation Project of CCTV Systems, Intercom and Phone, all projects for the São Francisco Station - Candeias - BA;
Design, installation and operation of radio systems, intrusion, intercom and CCTV in the Areas of Classification and Concentration in the Mineração Casa da Pedra em Congonhas - MG.
Preventive and corrective maintenance of video conferencing systems, cctv, catv, tv corporate units Petrobras,
Supply and commissioning of CCTV sitema to Queiroz Galvão,
Certification data network and voice
Fusion, connectorized, optical tests for various platforms,
Installation of sound reinforcement system, access control, CCTV, PABX, Structured cabling for Alcatel in the unit Petrobras Station São Francisco

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Project of electrical detailing the Monitoring System and control of drilling process of the P-10;
Replacement of the smoke detector cables;
Service of corrective maintenance of tubbings from the network fuse, plug of Pampo’s Platform;
Assembly of PLC Panel on P-18 Platform;
Extension of the Panel I / O PLC System Process on P-35 Platform;
Ventilation and Air-Conditioning System on PVM-1 / 2 and 3 Platforms;
Installation, testing and automation of electrical services and instrumentation to be performed aboard the P-19, 32,33, 35, 37 platforms on the active Marlin;
Annual and fortnightly service of preventive maintenance of the geroscopic needle of P-47 Platform;
System of heat recovery TC’S and TG'S P-37 (WHRU);
Project detail;
Project of Boilers Equipment;
Specification and Analysis of rotating equipment;
Waste Treatment;
Design System VAC: including: Cooling Towers, Pipeline Network, Hydraulic Pipes, "Fan Coil, Chiller Liquid Cooler;
Specification, Purchase and Inspection of Equipments;
Management, Supervision and Control of Industrial Assemblies.

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Repair of the Greasing System of the Turret P-37 Platform;
Maintenance of many Reduc units in the discipline of Instrumentation, involving planning and execution in stop production;
Tubbings Interconnection on P-32 Platform;
Connecting the Canapu’s umbilical on the hydraulic interface board of the Offshore FPSO Platform - In Costa do Espírito Santo;
Connecting the Canapu’s umbilical on the hydraulic interface board of the Offshore FPSO Platform - In Costa do Espírito Santo.

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Supply of labor to meet the contract manufacturing and assembly of metal structures of Platform P-25;
Assembly of steel structure for the terminal TEBIG;
Manufacture of spool;
Manufacture of brackets;
Manufacture and assembly of modules;
Management, Supervision and Monitoring of Industrial Assemblies;
Industrial Painting;
Manufacture container having relevant regulations;
Manufacture of tank;
Manufacture of skid;
Industrial repair.

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Well-Control Equipment Inspections

Well-Control Equipment Inspection and Testing audit process is conducted using criteria derived from operational demands classification societies, regulatory compliance requirements, standard practices, manufacturer` technical documents,bulletins, and O&M manuals.
Surveys are conducted with the final goal of no downtime.
In addition to surveys, we provide well-control equipment services in the following areas:

BOP Equipment Overhauls & Upgrades
Trouble Shooting & Repair
Control System Modifications
Preventative Maintenance
Supervision & QC of Repair Facility Work
Inspection of production Subsea Trees / Controls
Project Management
Hands- On Assistance

Conventional / Mux BOP Control Systems

Pro vides a variety of services for a number of manufacturers´ Conventional / Mux Control Systems, combined with solutions in the following areas:

Conventional Hydraulic Systems & Mux Systems Electronics / Software
Maintenance and Modifications
System Analysis
Upgrades and Modifications
Inspections and Surveys
Contractor and Client Acceptance Testing
FAT / Commissioning

Can provide onsite and offsite repairs and modifications to your Conventional / MUX BOP Control Systems. So even if the equipment must remain in place, we can provide excellent onsite technical service personnel to maintain your equipments`needs.

Critical Component Inspections

Uses the following recommended practices and specifications: API Standards,ANSI, ISA, NEC, HSE, USSCG, MIGAS, SOLAS, and IMO MODU CODE. We provide survey services in the following areas:

Drilling Equipment
Drill String & Handling Equipment
Engine Room Auxiliary Equipment
Mud, Electrical & Marine Systems
Third party Equipment
Motion Compensation Equipment
Maintenance Function Evaluation
Environmental & Safety Survey
Certification & Documentation

Our Mission Statement

Setting the industry standard for third-party well-control and equipament services by:

Providing technical excellence to the drilling industry
Working as a team with the operator and drilling contractor
Honestly assessing equipment and determining corrective action needed
Making logical, cost-effective recommendations for improvements or repairs
Locating problems before the develop, thus reducing rig downtime

Drilling Equipment Inspections

Audits all drilling rig equipment and load carrying components. It is performed with special emphasis placed on single point failure items, including:

Top Drive & Drawworks
Handling Equipment & Tubulars
Mud Systems
Electrical Systemsshi r
Material Handling System
Safety Systems

Rig & Well- Control Equipment

Project Management

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