The FUJITEC, located in the town of Rio das Ostras, in Rio de Janeiro, which performs consulting services, design and assembly, to meet national and international companies, focusing on Quality with commitment to meet the needs of its customers with efficiency, profitability and sustainable development, based on the following SGI policy:

Meet the contract requirements;
Promote the health and safety of its employees and clients;
Continuously improve the processes and productivity;
Address the needs and expectations of clients;
Advise and work with social responsibility;
Conduct operations to prevent pollution;

Search to educate, to qualify, to become aware and to value their professionals' good acting, suppliers and partners in the subjects of SMS;

Has as important and primordial for their activities the Safety's warranty, of the Environment and of the Health to their collaborators and community.





Integrated Management System - SGI

The FUJITEC TECHNOLOGY LTD establish and maintain an integrated management system to ensure compliance in all requirements of
NBR I ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001 and SA 8000 norms in all its processes.
The FUJITEC TECHNOLOGY LTD in its Integrated Management System has a set of documents based on the full integration of fulfillment of commitments made by the
company, in accordance with the requirements established by the regulations adopted.